Stepping into March with Blogging

I have asked myself countless of times why I quit blogging and a whole lot of other things last year, up till now I am still unsure if I have a valid answer except excuses. During my long vacation from blogging, a lot of things changed, *hands in the air* one of which is, I am now a graduate plus NYSC journey is still a struggle. Also, I was able to have a lot of time for myself to be able to think, learn and understand a few things. One of which is coming to terms with the coexistence of Femininity and Masculinity. Quite a number of people know me for my feminist opinions, and at one point, some of my readers tagged some of my posts as “becoming aggressive” and this caught my attention. Fortunately, I just encountered Masculinity, and I must confess that stumbling upon masculinity has given me the opportunity of exploring from a wider point of view, and as I start this whole blogging journey over again, I want to try as much as possible not just to discuss feminism, but embrace masculinity discourse as well. 

I hope my readers would give me the opportunity to resume blogging, and I really apologize for staying away for too long. To Funke Olotu, thank you for always staying true, she has been pushing me towards blogging again.

Happy New Month!!!

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  1. Yinka says:


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    1. Oluwanifemi says:

      Abi o…Yinka Baby


  2. Funke olotu says:

    Welcome back honey!

    I’m so happy you’re back and I can’t wait to read your views on feminity & masculinity. Waiting to learn as usual
    Lots of love!

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  3. Welcome back. Love the sunflowers. The men of the world need to honestly assess what it is to be a man and redefine masculinity. The women of the world need to do what they do best… and nurture a healthy male role model. We have lost our bearings, we need help.

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  4. Thank God!!!
    It’s good to have you back 💛

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  5. Welcome back..
    I figured you took a break …i think the last I saw was the post on death.
    Love your posts by the way

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  6. debby000 says:

    Blogging. This is often the process. Welcome back.

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