Aurora in the Pink

In honour of strong women- I decided to reblog “Aurora in the Pink” because October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!! Please share love around the world.



A porcelain tribute to breast cancer fighters and the choices they face. In the growing awareness of Breast Cancer, a disease which appears to be the inevitable side-effect of womanhood (though males can also develop it, but a lot less frequently), this doll was my attempt at working through my own personal fear of it, and facing up to the possibility that one day I could be amongst hundreds of thousands of women who develop it. I can only hope to be brave, like so many other wo:

  • Artwork: Enchanted dolls by Marina Bychkova
If you have a friend or family member with breast cancer, try not to look at her with ‘sad eyes’. Treat her like you always did; just show a little extra love—Hoda Kotb

The time is half past three in the afternoon, but the day is blurry dark like six in the evening. It’s a Wednesday, and the milieu is gloomy-an endless shower of silver rain was finally departing to the sky. ‘M sitting at the back of a car looking through the window, taking notice of the moon that has been following me, I really hope the moon is mother taking this beautiful shape to watch me from above every second from now.

‘M lost in thought on what next to do, the world is a lonely place with many hidden prickles. What’s left for a girl like me? An only child…

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