Where Men are in Africa; My take on Buhari’s Controversial/ Sexist Statement


“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room”- President Muhammadu Buhari (2016)

I am certain that you’ve all been updated on the Nigerian President’s current statement concerning his wife who granted an interview in which she stated her decision of not likely supporting her husband in his presidential reelection if he doesn’t shake things up. What’s wrong with her having a say, or an opinion whether as a wife or citizen? Do not forget that he also claimed a superior knowledge over his wife, as he succeeded in becoming Nigeria’s president on his fourth attempt. Everything Sexist!!!

Firstly, one shouldn’t label, quantify, restrict or confine a woman to the kitchen, bedroom or whatsoever. By doing so, it shows how far he objectifies and views her, and perhaps how some African men define women. I find it absurd that in this 21st century, such statement can be made.

In a discussion with a close relative, he states that the statement made against the wife depicts the view that his wife should have no public opinion of his leadership. This shouldn’t be true. Why should he consider her views as invalid now after all her well known campaigns of supporting his presidency? A lot of Nigerians are suffering, and there’s an increasing rate of death among both old and young. If Nigerians aren’t blind, why should wife be blind to her husband’s leadership? It’s illogical to consider another four years of hardship in this present time.

In some Northerners home, a woman is denied most or all forms of education, and is subjected to body masking and all sorts of other things. She is confined behind closed doors and from the statement made, it still depicts that not much has changed in recent times. Such statement cannot be made in the Western world because an apology would have been tendered a long time ago and any things would have gone wrong. Unlike here in Africa where it is believed to be a man’s world; An African man’s world and his mentality concerning women.

Some people are of the opinion that the President may have responded out of frustration and anger, however one shouldn’t forget that sincere or earnest responses are made during such times, besides there’s n. Like Ambrose Bierce said “Speak when you are angry and you would make the best speech you will ever regret”. Over to you, what’s your take on the President controversial statement?

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  1. aminatawa says:

    I have a similar post on my blog as well, we have the same opinion on Buhari’s statement it was extremely sexist and improper. But as for Aisha, she maybe right or she maybe wrong and she has a right to her opinion but her approach was wrong.
    All that said, president buhari was absolutely immature in handling the issue and he owes Nigerian women an apology but we are never going to get one.

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    1. Oluwanifemi says:

      I ‘d definitely check it out … African men are too big for apologies…sad country!!!

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    2. Immanuel says:

      Hi aminatawa. I love your stories on your blog. However your comment link is referring back to your wordpress account. Maybe you should try to redirect it to your .com website for easier accessibility.

      Aconcerned reader

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  2. I don’t live where your do, but I know a statement like that from an American husband would likely cause him to lose his genitalia at the hand of his wife. However, we do have a Presidential candidate, Trump, who might be a good match for your President Buhari. They must come from the same gene pool of misogynists.

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    1. Oluwanifemi says:

      Lol😅😅😅 …such different world’s

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  3. I agree with you totally…..

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  4. Tawni says:

    I totally agree with you!! She has a say just as all citizens of our dear country do! As for the apology maybe we’ll have to go to the other room 😂😂😂

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