The state I call depression


“The sun stopped shining for me is all. The whole story is: I am sad. I am sad all the time and the sadness is so heavy that I can’t get away from it. Not ever.”
― Nina LaCour, Hold Still

This is a beautiful post about depression by .Read and Enjoy, don’t forget to also visit her lovely blog😚

Depression is a state
Governed by emotions
The brain contains the ministers
Battling to create order
For the poor body
Which is the country
Unhappiness compounds the state
And the citizen suffers
The tears are the seas
Which course down the face
When the frustration sets in

Depressed because life is
All but fine
The winds of depression
Blowing over the body
What tomorrow will bring
We do not know
We shall contemplate ending it
Taking death’s cold hands

But today
We will drown our depression
In the bottle
Intoxicated on our own sadness


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  1. hohyindah says:

    Thank you very much ☺

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