Paintings by Lora-Zombie. Beautiful and full of character and meaning.:

* Painting by Lora-Zombie.
Rehabs& Blues by The Anonymous Cherif

My heart carries a weight
bigger than its own body
My temples confine a cargo
too heavy for its own neck
My soul is broken
I have never been so stricken
My limbs feel like wood logs…wet wood logs
I can feel my chest constricting
Like my ribs wish to be interlocked
I try hard convincing myself am not a carcass…. or cadaver
I feel alien to myself,just like that statue standing over there
Wait! I know this place
I have been here before
YEAH! I have been here before
Look at the markings on my wrist from aborted suicides
Look at the painting on my face….the brush strokes
From its dip in the darkest wells of my soul’s palette
Tell me of the picture
Tell me of the picture darling
Is there a semblance
With the dragged faces of faded souls?
Is there a semblance
With the death row orange jumpsuits?
Pray Tell! Pray Tell!
Of thee I seek validation
For the Fluoxetine and sessions
Truth is…I have more holes than a sieve
More tattered pages than old history books can leave
More confusion  than finding a needle in a haystack of needles
More fragility than snapped noodles
Thing is…..I bleed darkness
If light can break shady fortress
And my heart is in a mess
Can the therapist make the pain any less?

©The Anonymous Cherif

2 Comments Add yours

  1. theanonymouscherif says:

    Uhmm…Nifemi,You know I cant comment on my own piece but I surely can express my delight at featuring on your beautiful blog once more.
    Keep up this aesthetic masterpiece of a website
    Peace be with you friend


  2. Beautiful writing, The Anonymous Cherif.

    Liked by 1 person

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