Whenever he looked through his windows every evening, he always saw the old man stained with the wrinkles of hard work; striving to make a living from his old tattered vehicle which he repaired every morning and evening before he left for his daily job and after he came back. He was compassionate towards the old man, and his granddaughter who had been abandoned by his second daughter after getting pregnant at a tender age. The old man’s situation was pathetic to the extent that his granddaughter didn’t go to school, and she had to wait on some days for her grandpa to provide money for their daily meal.

They were not like this you know? They used to live in their own house until it was demolished by an administration who handed them a slender wad of money for razing their house. The money could not amount for the materials’ bought in the house, so he used the money to buy a plot of land, and used old zincs which were the remains of other people building materials’ to patch up his house, but during those times, he and his granddaughter slept in his car for months with the sun and rain heating and wetting them. His wife had left him; the woman who had promised to be there both in good and rough times. What more could he do than to fend for his little girl and pray that life smiled on them. On some days after he had fixed his old car, he would seat on the pavement with his granddaughter who was around ten years old, and talk to her aloud about life, the country and different administrations emphasizing on how the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. He spoke so loudly that one could hear afar off.

As he stood by the window peeping at the old man, he whispered to himself:

“I crave for more money, and complain about how life has been so unfair to me, are these old man’s troubles not greater than mine?”

Deep down, he was filled with the burden of guilt that he thanked his creator for his well being.

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  1. Hello, Adichie. I like the theme of your short story and your illustrations. Your choice of pictures is always so good! At first, I thought that the second image was not really related to the story as the character watching the old man is not responsible for his suffering, and then reflecting further I think you are right, we tend to oppress less powerful people around us without even noticing it.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      Thank You :), that’s true, sometimes the unconscious actions we take oppresses others…I do apologize for replying late, I haven’t had time for blogging since I resumed back to school.

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  2. Adetutu says:

    We tend to complain about a lot of things, forgetting that some people may be having it worse than we are. Those people thank God still and we go on and on complaining, without even trying to do something to better the situation around us or improve lives around us. Even without knowing it, we could be making people feel inferior to us, while we feel inferior to other people. Nice work Adichie.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      🙂 many people never know the importance of what they have, their lives and the things they care about until its all gone…thanks Tutu..u always inspire me.


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