Racing back home

There was a time when metal shackles clanged around our necks and legs; this is and illustration of how the slaves were feeling hurt from being opressed for so long.  some slaves protested peacefully and some very violently and sadly it ended up in their deaths.: forged, heated and tossed inside of our bodies with unending tears streaming down our veins. There was a time when our souls were lonely that family meant everything to us and we began to see all with the colour of our skin as our own. There was a time when we couldn’t identify our origin because we had been transported like goods over thousands of island. There was a time when we longed to go back home, but home was far away, and we decided that home was not where we get to be with those binded by blood, but where love embodied; where we are happy to be around the people we love. We formed a home when our ancestors who had #slavery: been slaves had joined hands together to love one another even at the detriment of their long suffering.

There came a time when our ignorance was played upon and we were left to pick up the remains of our broken pieces. There was a time when we all stood together as brothers and sisters to fight and take over our rightful lands and properties, our human rights and undeniable freedom. There was a time when being black and African meant the same thing I have felt like this: without any distinction from whatever part of Africa we came from.

Now a new wind of change has blown that we are so much blinded by the things we think is right. We throw stones at each other and let the detest in us take control of our emotions. The history of our existence, the long sufferings of our ancestors we Chained no more: forsake and forget and take to arms to send others to the world beyond. No matter the differences that have emerged over time, let us not forget  the struggle of our ancestors who fought to keep us together, for their struggle be not in vain.

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  1. Adetutu says:

    Diaspora…. Most people don’t understand that the fact that we find ourselves in certain places doesn’t mean we are from there. Some people even forget their roots. I once thought about what would happen when I travel out and I introduce myself. Would have to use my christian name so they would be able to call my name without inconveniencing myself? While I was reading ‘The Arrangers of Marriage’ in Chimamanda’s The Thing Around Your Neck, I decided that I would not change my name just to make someone’s life better. I would not throw away my name and adopt another just so I would be accepted. I would bear Adedoyin Adetutu, my name and they are going to learn to pronounce it, just like they learn to pronounce Russian names and the likes. Remember a very strong issue in Buchi Emecheta’s Second Class Citizen when they couldn’t get any apartment or proper healthcare because they were ‘Black’ and ‘Black’ people were regarded as second class citizens and couldn’t get better jobs than being nannies or cleaners at a rich white man’s house. They were colonized the way we were colonized. They also have people in diaspora… We give them the upper hand when we try so much to be like them, when we can do things to make our beautiful Africa, a better place than it is. When we adapt their manner of talking and dressing. Although it is being said that ‘when you are in Rome, you act like a Roman’ but do not change who you are all in the name of being accepted. If you cannot be accepted for who you are, then it is their loss. A lot of people fought for what many of us are taking for granted. Even though I am not dark skinned.. It doesn’t mean I am not black or African. I am African and proud. You do not see white people coming to Africa and changing their names to fit our style, they hold on to it because it is their identity. It is who they are and they are proud to be who they are. Why don’t we also stand and continue to carry own our heritage, promote our culture and show the world how lovely Africa is and African people are.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      Thanks for this beautiful comment 🙂


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