There’s a mother holding the hands of her teenage daughter, walking her to a short robust old man standing in front of his porch car; when they all meet he says “she’s as beautiful as you” the mother smiles and hands her over. “Take care of my baby” the mother says, the two adults laughs, and makes signals at each other; the teenage girl is blank as a neat piece of paper, she has no idea what had just happened. Her mother had just sold her out!

There’s a father  ranting about the cost of education, blaming his wife for not giving him a male child, chattering on how he squanders so much to educate his two daughters: two daughters he regards as weak. And every day he would complain on how less he makes at each passing day. And day after day he complain on  how his girls wouldn’t yield him a fortune. When the thongs hanging around the  thickness of his voice had struck his children it darkened their heart that as time went by, they glowed like the sun dishing wads of wealth on their father who in turn greedily lavished them without questioning the source. Little did he know  that they had sold out their virtues to calm the beast in their father.

There’s another parent, two old couples barren as the tree that yields no fruit. Two old couples stained by the touch of hunger, emaciated in the growth of pain, lonesome and dejected by the ones they call family. Each passing day filled with each passing misery, nothing to quench their thirst, nothing to feed their hunger. Their last child, two by age, always crying in the hands of his mother at the sudden bite of being famished; at that moment there comes a family with a friend. The friend is a helper, a  helper in need of female children, female children promised to be sent out of the shores of another land in search of greener pasture; in search of acquiring knowledge. Immediately they line their children, twelve in number , seven girls and five boys, and the helper a robust glowing woman stretches her hands at four of the girls, four girls! Young! Innocent! and Helpless! The anguish of being pauperdom had forced them to sacrifice their four girls, sothat their future may be bright. Bleak future clothed in ignorance.

There they are, those beautiful girls unacquainted of the things they do, lost in the realm of greener pastures. Yearning to return home, wondering what home is like d02b6282f5903a9380698545a7afa336in their absence. Look at those young girls lost in the world of unrealistic life of hopelessness and guilt, broken by the deceit of the world, toiling at the hour of the night along the roadside, clubs, motels; places where a penny is stuck in between their bosom, where they make old men come alive, and meet the demands of young men and women exploring the excitement of hungry pleasures.

See the face of the woman, “madam”, who tags these innocent girls. Watch her as she greedily counts each wad of cash in her hands, watching their faces as she counts their earning from their mid night exploration, threatening those with little earnings to cast a spell on them, threatening to release their nudes to those thirsty for them to degrade their virtues that life may become meaningless for them.

Abortion is a crime, tell that to the woman waiting around to pay her madam, knowing if she doesn’t she is as dead meat. You complain of how wrong people give up their children for abortion, tell it to the woman whom having a baby a6207a2591d7cd6cc67cdb41ff22f8c7threatens her business of making a living. Sometimes life entangles some people in a dead end, and all they are left with is nothing. Nothing but guilt!

*Dedicated to those women struggling of out of their dark past or dwelling in it. Be strong!!!

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  1. Adetutu says:

    This is beautifully written, but saddening. Many girls out there battling with one thing or the other. It is often said ‘it is easier to judge from the other side’. Girls face a lot of hardships- from being regarded as useless, to being seen as sex objects and being sacrificed on the ‘altar of affluence’. It is sad.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      Thanks is one of the reasons why women need to uphold each other… sometimes when I think about the concept of feminism and its agenda… one would discover that it lays a kind of emphasis on men rather than targeting women.


  2. And the saddest thing is when parents are the one sending their daughters to be slaughtered like this!

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      That’s sad and pathetic…and this is why some parent need to stop being ignorant on issues affecting their children.


  3. Imagine…finding this strong and inspiring post the very first time I have come onto your website!
    Thank you.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      Thank u so much :)..’m honored.


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