"Mon tatouage". One of many of the harrowing and beautifully moving works by Käthe Kollowitz.

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  1. Adetutu says:

    See their eyes, they have all their hopes up.. Probably they are looking at a man or a woman in his or her car, waiting for him or her to wind down and give them money. Some of them even drive off without even the slightest feeling of sympathy for these kids.. Some even plan devices on how to kidnap one or two of them for rituals… This sort of reminds me of ‘Homeless not Hopeless’.. The people they look up to may even give some money and leave the others hanging, the children run after the cars, begging for their own share. Some of them get hit that way, going hungry for the night while sleeping in cardboard boxes under the bridge, beaten by the rain and being dried by the sun. These little children deserve so much more. Kids like this see their peers riding in cars and wasting ice cream or food they cannot afford. Kids like this grow up questioning if God really exists or if God hates them so much. The world will be a much better place, if the distribution of wealth, even though I know can never be equal, should be diverted into taking these people of the streets, keeping them in houses and taking care of them. Children like these either grow up to win the battle against poverty or become hardened criminals. Anytime I travel and I see such kids on the way, and I don’t have anything to give, I close my eyes because I know they are hoping for something. The governor doesn’t care about these children, yet they chase them from place to place, forgetting that you are at the top today doesn’t mean you will be there forever. Forgetting that they aren’t faster than time who sometimes determines one’s fate. Many of these kids end up as genuises with no one to discover their abilities… They end up doing many ridiculous things to fend for themselves. These children need love and attention, many of them die with their talents and there is no means to bury them.. They just rot where they are. The rich who can help are more interested in how the children can take away their death and bring them riches…. This is really sad and it is very rampant everywhere

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      Yh…I love that poem by Sola Owonibi “Homeless not hopeless”. You ve said it all. The world is an unfair arena, a place where evil prevails more than good. To the people who are good and have nothing let them pray for the poor, homeless, voiceless in their prayers, and to those that have little or more let them share with the needy. Its just disappointing that some of the children roaming around the streets are offspring’s of heroes who had died to save the country, some of these children are offspring’s of people who have accepted the harshness of life, and yet we (the society) watch them live with our hearts iced and eyes blinded.


  2. Ameena k.g says:

    This is definitely much more than an artwork…

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      You are right Ameena, this is something that melts the heart and keep one thinking about the odds of life.


  3. Horgeous. Actually reminds me of Oliver Twist

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