Guess what I found?

True lol!

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  1. Valsvougexo says:

    Great post! I love how your blog is set up! Can you check out my blog and follow it if you like it? Thanks, and I look forward to reading your post, and checking in on your blog!


  2. sjhigbee says:

    *sigh* Oh tell me about it!! I’ve just had my lovely little granddaughter to stay for a while. Her hair is down to her waiste and LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO KEEP BRUSHING IT THROUGH. I had my own hair cut short when I was 14. I’m not 58 and it has never reached my shoulders since…

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    1. adichiebabz says:
        Lolz 🙂 …it can be very frustrating sometimes, having to comb and maintain it…those with short hair do wish for a long one without the price it pays.

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  3. Adetutu says:

    I cut my hair of recent. It wasn’t very long, but maintaining one’s hair takes a lot of time and energy. I just decided to cut it in layers and now all I do is run a brush over it or just use my hand… I think I will keep it this way till I am old and my hair is grey.😂

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      You are so bold, cnt let go of an inch frm my hairbcoz itz rilli brkin, overdue and ‘m having a hard time trying to maintain it.


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