The Clash of two Women

This is beautiful poem written by my 2nd guest writer, Ellis B. Jacobs. Read and enjoy!


In straight long rows
Twenties and thirties
Their bodies are laid to final rest
Immersed into earth’s belly
Young men of valour
Saints on the battle field of hell
Women’s foolishness!
Two men’s folly!
Brothers grown into nations
Brothers grown apart
“Heroes of our time
Heroes of argument turned into war”
Those exact words are still ringing in my head

Thousand of souls gone to eternity
Deprivation of their right to live
Loss of our nation’s currency
Shame on us
Shame on our greed
Shame on our myopic eyes
What we failed to see has bounced back like tongs in our flesh

Atop a tree I sat with my zoom lenses
To take snap shots of the events
Fit for the media where I worked
The last of their remains is buried
The white slabs above their final abode
Like a polka dot
Printed on a fabric material

The black fabric of their widows and families
Is in complete contrast to the parade
Of those who survived
The foolishness of two nations!
The foolishness on their path to love
Why is there so much pain?
Why allow so much loss?
What is worth fighting for?
Land, fame, or honour?

©Ellis B. Jacobs

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