When religion fails you


So young and naive was I when mother would drag my little body to the house of God, sometimes I would cry till my nose ran through endless catarrh. She would ask, “My dear child why have you decided to forsake God? Mother I haven’t forsaken him, the heart that dwells in me longs for his mercy, but the act of the world stabs me at my back” I would say. Many years have passed since that time, I am now grown up, and whenever I think of those days and now, the differences have grown worse. Over time, the one thing that kept us together has torn us apart. What preaches about love and acceptance has discriminated against others. It teaches freedom yet it dines and wines with force. The greatest fulfillment a person can have is when he kills for the sake of his religion! Bloodshed is a condemned act yet it’s the solid bedrock. It preaches giving yet it feeds on the misery of its followers. I am not an atheist, but does religion really encourages equality? There say money is root of all evil; I would say lack of money is the root of all mischief. The lack of money drives one to do the undo able. In some place of worship the only thing they preach about is, how to become rich, the only prayer point some people have is to ask for countless financial favors from God, yet why has the word poor been mentioned from the early times, does it mean that the concept of rich and poor was supposed to exist? That some are destined to suffer and be fed by the bourgeoisie?

When two people read a particular passage, they both have different ideas of that passage. Take the passage as the word of God when someone reads it, it is the way he understands it that he/she interprets it to you. This is why they have been controversies in some place of worship concerning the issue of women wearing makeup and trousers are a sin or not. The issue of taking alcoholic drink is not considered a sin, but the addiction.  I do believe in God with a strong heart, I believe in his existence, but one thing I do not believe in is the existence of religion because if religion was the home to the poor, the home to the sick, the forgotten and lost, the home to the repentant why has it decided to have different denominations with views and practices confusing us daily.

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  1. abeerhafiz says:

    World is temporary.The thing which is not eternal how can we expect perfection in temporary?I feel blessed to be in a country where there are poor people.Reason?
    I can donate and feel peace.(Plz don’t take this showoff but this is really what I feel)
    I was in a country where there were less needy people and I used to feel so unlucky not being able to help.
    Basically,there is balance .for every up there is down.For every taking hand,there is giving hand otherwise the necessity or recognition of virtue or happiness would not be present.Rich also lack something which poor don’t lack.For example,fatal diseases and feeling of security risk for his wealth accompany rich.Poor is free of that.A bite of sandwich is like getting gold for poor but sometimes the table full of food does not evoke hunger in rich…
    Just shared my opinion.I feel it that way.


    1. adichiebabz says:

      Thankz for dz honest comment. I have just acquired a beautiful knowledge.


  2. I think that when ALL a people preach is ‘how to become rich’, they do so out of their love for money which may have been kindled by their lack of it.

    The word of God cannot contradict itself, because it is revealed by only one Spirit. When people try to use their minds to understand the word, instead of listening to the Spirit (mind) of the God who spoke it, then they come up with contradictory views.

    One thing is sure, and stands firm: There is only one Truth, who is revealed in the Bible. If we want to know the truth, let’s look at the way He lived. People may try to twist this truth, and present it and it’s lifestyle whatever way suits them, but “Jesus Christ remains the same yesterday, today and forever”.

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  3. You are really making a point here, Adichie. I don’t understand why those new churches are even linking themselves to religion, when as you said “the only thing they preach about is, how to become rich, the only prayer point some people have is to ask for countless financial favors from God”. What has that got to do with religion? I don’t know. Nowadays, most of those pastors are mere motivational speakers. As for the old Church, running banks and ranking among the richest on the Planet, amid all this poverty, doesn’t portray you in such a good light either.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      I totally agree with you…thanks for the follow 🙂


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