Who still prefers being called a house wife?


When you’ve got the brain and the beauty, the elegance and style, he says to you “my dear sweetheart, I don’t think ‘m comfortable with your job, why don’t you relax and watch the kids grow up, you know they need more of their mother at home, since ‘m always busy.” When you show signs of negativity, he offers to pay you every month. Degrees aren’t meant for the closet, they are meant to be built upon. Just like the talents that are meant to be multiplied. Being a good mother doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your life, or your career. A real mother learns how to manage her home and her career, and this is kind of woman I would like to be, not the one that waits for her husband to pay her, or give her a slim wad of money, but if you are comfortable waiting, good luck with that. Because the only thing that makes a woman lives with violence, torture, unhappiness, and unfulfilled dreams in a marriage is having nothing to stand against a man. The only thing that would make your in-laws feed on your integrity is joblessness. In some African homes when the son doesn’t send to his family, it is assumed that it is the jobless wife that he spends it all on, and the ironical situation is that the woman may be innocent. Of recent, a woman lost her husband during their visit to the village, immediately her in-laws kept her, and snatched all his properties from her leaving the children and her with nothing. No job! No husband! What a lonely world! You don’t have to be single to work worldwide; you can still be married and live life to the fullest.

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  1. Ola.D says:



  2. bisola says:

    Sighted,truest talk


  3. Emem says:

    Nice one…I love this kip it up


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