Social media gone wrong

Social Media

“People grow apart when they fail to keep physical contact

Loved ones commit suicide when the comments are hateful

Relationships crashes after keeping a long distance

Social media gone wrong in hands of the unwanted”

The kind of death that hurts is dying without being loved

The kind of death that hurts is giving up on one’s self

The kind of death that hurts having your loved ones nearby with their mind far away

Nothing hurts more than being loved online with hatred buried within.”

“There is no better place to reveal a secret

No heroic arena to win a game of betrayal

No hurtful background to destroy a life

No place like social media to live a ruined life”

“When the victims are down

And the heartless go hunting

Be the tool that touches lives

And allows dimming lights to shine bright”.

© Adichie Babz

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  1. Adetutu says:

    It is so sad that many people just derive pleasure from being mean from behind the screen, shattering people’s confidence, making them feel like being different is the worst thing to ever happen to anyone. The truth is, these people also have issues they are hiding from other people, but they make themselves feel good about making others devastated. Saying one is ugly or one is fat is uncalled for. It is alright to say your own opinion, but there are just some cases where the best the thing to do is just keep your opinion to yourself. Especially, if you know it would shatter the person. Some people act like they aren’t affected by the negative comments on their pages, but they are. They cry about it, think about it … It settles in their subconscious. Some people don’t really care, while some go as far as committing suicide because they no longer see a reason to live. They feel odd and unaccepted. And many teenagers have taken their lives as a result of cyber bullying. We judge from behind the screen, not putting to the mind the fact that we are no different from the people we judge. It doesn’t matter the size, colour of a person. What matters is appreciating everyone’s uniqueness and accepting it. This is not to say if something is bad, you encourage it, you correct such thing with love and not critize it or the person who has done this thing to the point where the person feels there is no use and takes his or her life. There are many many good things social media can be used for, please let us learn to use the social media for good purposes, to make the world a better place to live in. The best we can do is to be good to one another and help one another grow positively. We have control over whatever we do, let’s just do the right thing with it. That way we help to keep more lives and make people better.

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    1. adichiebabz says:

      Yours words are just too sweet and true.


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