Redefining the movement

Sometimes, having to think and research about the true agenda of a movement is educating. To define something is to view it from ones perspective. Over the years I have been trying to understand the true definition of who a feminist is. I have encountered different experiences, read a few books, studied quite a number of women, and have come to the conclusion that feminism is more than just a word. It is more than just a way of life! Some women believe that one must choose career over everything to become a true feminist, some believe that having a man in one’s life is becoming weak, and this is why lot of people have stereotyped feelings and attitude towards feminist as divorced, frustrated, and lonely women who are not happy with themselves, and this brings me to my own definition of feminism. A feminist is anyone, especially a woman who can manage a home and a career successfully. A feminist is a person who is ever ready to help her/his neighbor. A feminist is a person who keeps the girl code. A feminist is someone who joins the movement of eradicating cultural, religious, social and political restraints against women. A feminist is a role model who others can look at, and measure uncountable success. A feminist never makes another person feel bad about them, and this is why I would say that a woman who betrays another woman, who allows a man to feed on the integrity of another woman, is not a feminist because real feminist are women who are strong, intelligent, and problem analysers and solvers.

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  1. olayinka lasisi says:

    Awww…I love this. This is a must read for everybody. It’s really educative. Thumbs up sis


  2. Emem says:

    Wow…kudos jogiya


  3. Adaeze says:

    This is an awesome feminist manifesto.

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